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Yes - once again the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale sets up camp at The Dome.
Come and browse stalls selling all things from clothes (both second hand and new), jewellery, crafts, music and much more! Perfect to pick up a Xmas gift or ten ;)

Or, if you fancy making a bit of cash for the festive season, why not book a stall - prices start from £5 for a single table or rail space (BYO rail)

Any enquiries to: enquiries@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

Pass it on! ^_^

Next monthly pub meetup

Date: 11 October, 7.30pm
Venue: The Big Red, Holloway Road
More details: LGMG website

The monthly pub meetup is back!

After long deliberations we've decided to try out the Big Red as a venue. Goth-friendly, it's got a pretty cool jukebox and a friendly clientele. I've had a nice chat with one of the managers and she's looking forward to having us in.

We've tentatively booked for the next few months, so if this one is a success we'll bring the pub meetups back on a monthly basis.

So, come along, have a few drinks and some fun! No doubt there will be some sort of en masse departure to a club later on, if that's what you fancy.

We've booked the two tables to your right, as you walk in. I'll see if I can get a sign, or failing that a black rose to stick on the table. wink

If it's your first meetup, then have a look at the organiser's photos and grab one of us when you come in, we'll be happy to introduce you around. And if the lack of a pub meetup has been stopping you from coming along for a while, then pop along and say hi! smile

Hope to see you there!

You can RSVP at : LGMG website


New LJ account!

Hey people - now there is a Livejournal community for the London Goth Meetup Group (London Gothic).

Initially, this will be a place where you will be notified of upcoming events, be it gigs, exhibitions or other items of interest. Only group organisers will be able to contibute as this account finds its legs.

So please, if you have found this, pass it on - the more members the better!

Meanwhile, here is a link to our home site; LGMG




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